Manufacturing & Engineering Medicals

The manufacturing & engineering field refers to anything from the plastics and cement industries to makers of batteries and chemicals. Among other threats, workers in this field are exposed to dangerous machinery and their moving parts, occupational noise, electrical hazards and respiratory challenges due to dust or fumes.

Because the manufacturing & engineering sector covers such a wide range of industries, employees’ risk exposure varies greatly.

Employers carry the responsibility to balance operational efficiency with employee safety, and occupational health medicals must form part of their human resources management.

Depending on the risk exposure, we would recommend a full medical with biological monitoring and X-rays where needed in order to:
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  • Determine whether the employee is physically and mentally fit to do the work.
  • Identify medical conditions that may render employees temporarily or permanently unable to perform their duties.
  • Determine whether the employee’s current health status may affect risks and safety at work for both the employee
    and other workers.
  • Issue recommendations to the employer on the necessary actions to protect and maintain the health of employees.

The risks workers in the manufacturing & engineering sector face could cause specific to be monitored and assessed on a regular basis to ensure their medical fitness for work. 

Typical health effects in this sector include but are not limited to:

  • skin and eye irritation
  • nausea due to exposure to odours
  • allergic reactions of the respiratory tract
  • asthma
  • injuries and fractures
  • fatigue and thermal exhaustion

Did you know?
A medical certificate of fitness is issued by the occupational medical practitioner, having established medical facts in person, confirming fitness to work, or conditions, restrictions or the lack of fitness. If the practitioner did not personally perform the medical examination and assessment, he or she is committing an offence and the certificate is not valid.

All our doctors and nurses are certified occupational health and safety practitioners. Our medical services are wide-ranging and include audio and visual screening, urine and blood testing, chest X-rays, lung function testing and biological monitoring.

The following chart shows the test are done for each category:

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Well-trained employees are safe employees

Your construction site is only as safe as the employees working for you – and often they are working alone, without your oversight. They need to know what to do when an unexpected event occurs in order to manage the most rapid response possible and minimise risk exposure, injuries and even deaths.

We can help you with your safety training programme either on-site or at our head office in Midrand, where we have classrooms as well as scaffolding to train employees working on heights. This division aims to take the burden of compliance with the Occupational Health and Safety Act away from you so that you can focus on your core functions.

Other health and safety services

Our training is certified by the Health & Welfare Seta and the Construction Seta. We specialise in:

  • Working on heights Scaffold erecting and inspection
  • First aid level 1
  • Health and safety representative
  • Hazard identification and risk assessment
  • Basic fire-fighting
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Safety Files

We will open and manage your contractor health and safety files for you, ensuring all documentation required in terms of the Occupational Health and Safety Act as well as the Construction Regulations are properly kept and maintained.

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Risk Assessments

We will conduct a complete audit to assess your compliance with all aspects of the Occupational Health and Safety Act. This includes a general facility safety inspection of aspects such as storage, lighting, air handling, sanitation, hazardous products, emergency equipment, and so forth. We also develop safety plans as well as fall protection plans. In addition, we offer contractor management to ensure that contractors working on your premises are in compliance with the Occupational Health and Safety Act. This ensures that their activities do not place you at risk of non-compliance.

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Incident Investigation

We can investigate all incidents in the workplace and help you to develop and implement action plans to prevent them happening again.