services for
all industries

We offer comprehensive on-site and walk-in medicals to all industries who must comply with the strict regulations.

Construction Medicals

The construction industry is subject to some of the most stringent occupational health and safety regulations.

Food Handling Medicals

A food handler is a person who, in the course of their normal routine work, come into contact with uncovered food not intended for their personal use.

Agriculture & Abattior Medicals

In many agricultural and abattoir jobs, occupational health medicals are required even before workers start their employment.

Manufacturing & Engineering Medicals

Because the manufacturing & engineering sector covers such a wide range of industries, employees’ risk exposure varies greatly.

Transport, Logistics & Warehousing Medicals

The transport, logistics and warehousing industry has a distinct set of occupational health and safety challenges.

Cleaning, Hygiene & Recycling Medicals

Cleaning and hygiene services, as well as waste management, place workers at a higher than average risk of exposure to occupational health hazards.

Mining Medicals

Mining is well known as a potentially dangerous industry that poses many occupational health and safety risks to workers.